Monday, July 14, 2014

Dress Up Disney Days

We are a Disney loving family! There's really something special about crossing the threshold of a Disney theme park or resort. Set free the everyday stress and worry.

Visiting Disney has been a family favorite destination since before our family was established. We love to have fun, enjoy family quality time and just let loose.

As we tend to visit Disney, dream of Disney vacations and simply enjoy a fun, family friendly environment, we thought of a fun vacation idea.

I love that when you visit Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park, many guest tend to dress for the occasion. It is common to see individuals wearing khaki shorts and similar "Safari" style clothing.

We decided that we would enjoy dressing up to visit not only the theme parks but perhaps the resorts and BEYOND!

Over the course of our visits,  we shall plan fun family dress up days! We are looking forward to Disney Dress Up Days!