Wednesday, August 20, 2014

SAHM Turned Working Mom Woes

I can honestly say that I love being home with my children. I love my children being home. It saddens me for summer to come to an end. I would be perfectly happy being here to taxi, help and support my children every minute of the day.I just happen to love them that much.I enjoy being home to greet Daddy, be of service to my family by cleaning, ironing, preparing dinner in a timely manner and having it on the table when Daddy gets home from work ( I rarely enjoy cooking but enjoy the blessing of caring for my family), serving dinner and all of the love, joy and not so pleasant chores that come along with being a SAHM.

However,  I feel that my family will benefit by my employment. I do work from home, offer craft sells, freelance writing and virtual assistance to clients. I feel that until, if and or when the profits if these endeavors outweigh the income and insurance opportunities that my new job will offer, I need to have a little extra income. I believe that in a few weeks, I'll fall into the routine and pleasure of receiving extra income to support my family. In about a month, I should be working part time only three days a week (hopefully while the children are in school.) If everything goes as planned, I should also become a substitute teacher while pursuing a full time position next year. I would like to be on my children's schedule one year from now as a primary goal. I intend to be in a teaching position by then (possibly while working seasonally in my new current position.)

So, that is the plan fir this SAHM turned Working Mother. Now for the woes. I do not enjoy mornings, even if I'm up with the children anyway to get ready for school. When you have to be somewhere on a particular schedule,  someone else's schedule aka a job, it just makes the morning seem worse.In addition, I have a thyroid disease, hypothyroidism, fibro myalgia and that amongst other health circumstances lend to restlessness, trouble falling asleep, fatigue, broken sleep and not to mention parenting. One of my children rarely sleeps through the night. In fact, said child was three before sleeping through the first night. So, I clearly am not a morning person.

I began my first day of work yesterday. I had trouble sleeping the night before. I awoke at 5:30 a.m. for the day.I got everyone off to school and went to work. I had an eight hiur orientation. I was so incredibly nervous. The daywas interesting and a bit fun at times.However,  I was drained.I was exhausted. I wanted/needed a nap. I had to climb .steps up and down, up and down, up and down in dress shoes. I didn't bring enough money for lunch. The worst part of my day would be the walking tour through a busy overpopulated area in the heat of the day, in dress clothes and shoes,  wearing black head to toe and in the sun with triple digits. To top it off,  at the end of the day, I was overheated, had a headache and a blister on my ankle.  I learned later that both ankles had deep broken
open blisters.

I am now on schedule for training. I'll work full time for three weeks on a kess than desirable schedule in reference to both time and days. It's going to be a rough month.I am looking forward to working part time eventually. So, there are my woes.Am I complaining?  Yes, I am!

I did have a few positive outcomes of my first day. I surprisingly and unexpectedly got off of work at the same time as the Daddy! We are working at the same company. I had the pleasure of going both to and from work with him. He even walked me to my orientation. I thought that was really sweet. I like that we are working at the same company. I also understand that I'll be receiving an intriguing perk. They are actually going to give me money too. I am looking forward to a paycheck!  SAHM are underpayed. Cheers to finally starting work after two months of waiting for my first day.