Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Alternative Income Generators and Hustles

I love to learn about the unusual ways that people make money. I am intrigued by the ways that people can make money. Growing up, the future was all about the American Dream. Go to college, get a good job, buy a home and have a family. It all sounds good right? Until you realize that the college degree comes with a hefty price tag, the good job is hard to find, you might as well have immaculate credit to buy that home and well it just goes on and on from there. These days, the internet has opened a whole new world of possibilities. Colleges degrees have evolved and continue to change on a daily basis. What was relevant when you began your freshman college year may be ancient in comparison to the current technology or financial environment. People are evolving too. Families are exploring the country and even the world while completing their education on the road. Advancement in technology and education have changed by leaps and bounds. A degree or career that one may plan to obtain, may be obsolete by the time one is ready for the dream to become true. A high percentage of young children will find that many of today’s jobs will not exist when they are grown. The majority of careers for the younger generation have not even been created yet. I find this all to be very interesting. I am most intrigued by entrepreneurship and small business. I love how the internet has changed business. I believe in supporting small business and ingenuity. I find it interesting to learn how others invest in their futures and create passive income. Entrepreneurship and side jobs have the ability to generate income and to create a flexible lifestyle. It is not easy to conform to the American Dream Job of working 9-5 or a combination of other hours. Unfortunately, life does not fit into the 9-5 style of thinking. A regular schedule at a traditional job is not very flexible. I am fascinated by entrepreneurship and small business. I find it to be captivating to learn about how other people think out-of-the box to create their own stream of income. I have recently read many articles about how a variety of individuals from all walks of life earn extra income or hustle if you will. I have read about anything from dog walking to highly unusual side jobs. For instance, there are several recent articles about a lady that makes a handsome living by streaming an internet show of herself eating large meals. I also read about a college student that would sell dirty socks worn by men on EBay. From the mowing of lawns to freelance writing and everything and apparently anything in-between, side money can be made. I am personally making a little extra money by simply reading email and performing short task through both Inbox Dollars and Send Savings websites. I am freelance writing, writing content for other websites, and providing virtual assistant services. I sell a little on EBay and on Etsy. I have most recently joined to make extra money with items that we are no longer using. I am making extra money but near enough. I would like to learn additional ways that I can make side money. How do you make extra money? What is the strangest way that you have heard about people making money?