Monday, March 31, 2014

Facebook Takes The Social Out Of Social Media.

Facebook has become a popular social platform for business. Both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike have the ability to communicate with consumers . The ability to connect with the general public has allowed business the opportunity to prosper in the web 2.0 arena. Prior to social networking, business was limited by advertisement and marketing campaigns that lacked the ability to connect with the intended audience. Focus groups that attempt to portray a general picture of a company's client base has become obsolete. Facebook and similar web based social platforms have created the ability to interact with consumers rather than the traditional marketing use of advertisement and talking at customers. Facebook has opened the door to the possibility of connecting with actual customers that may shed light on consumer experiences and data in real time.

Facebook has paved the way for business to evolve. Consumers have the ability to share their "likes", experiences and interact with corporate executives. A customer's voice can be heard. Business growth and the economy are ultimately affected by the ability to engage with the public.

Although Facebook has given the internet and business the ability to grow and change, the social platform guru appears to have stumbled in the effort to provide opportunity for social interaction and growth in the business world.

Facebook sanctions the ability to " like" a predetermined quota of pages. The approximate value according to Facebook is the capacity for a single individual to only "like" 5,000 themed pages. The combination of subject matter is at the discretion of the Facebook user. It is easy to actually like many companies, products, clubs,  groups and so forth. However,  according to Facebook, people do not have the capacity to "like" additional products or services. I imagine that Facebook is not accounting for the true reach of an individuals ability to maintain preference, opinion and thought on a wide array of subject material. How can a company, Facebook in this example,  place a value on the freedom of  thought and interest? Freedom of the the mind is not limited to a particular niche or subject matter. I as an individual happen to be multifaceted. I learn, grow and discover daily. Why place a limit to thought, growth and ability.

Facebook has not only limited the number of interest an individual may have, but has now incorporated sanctions to punish Facebook users for liking or unliking pages, for liking more than a few pages or products each day or week, participating in business campaigns including but not limited to sweepstakes, giveaways, sharing of post campaigns and similar interactions. Without warning,  Facebook accounts are being sanctioned due to a set of unspecified rules. The action of " liking" interest, participating in business campaigning and similar social interactions does not actually qualify as the breaking of the platforms user agreement or governing internet law. No laws are being broken.

No one is being hurt by my boss, my preacher, my neighbor, individuals reading this post or my own preference in " liking" a business,  product or service or participation in business campaigns that encourage growth for a particular Facebook business account. If I choose to enter a blog giveaway that has offered a reader the ability to connect with a particular company or product that the blogger has reviewed, become educated about a business,  product or service with the bonus of winning a contest prize by simply engaging in a social action ( "liking", commenting and/or sharing) should not be punishable by Facebook. After all, social interaction is the purpose of a social media platform.

I believe that business campaigns enrich the internet including Facebook by creating opportunity for companies to engage with new clients and exchange social interaction. Facebook is a great platform for the evolotion of business and social networking. The current restrictions that Facebook have adopted include "blocking" ( prohibiting the user from performing a particular action such as sending a friend request or "liking" pages on the website.) the user for at least the next 30 days from performing social interactions. Blocking a user from participating in social interaction is counterproductive and antisocial.

Ultimately, the Facebook restraints WILL lead to loss of business and economic prosperity. Companies and small business will lose likes and their audience for sharing promotions and sale opportunities. Users will lose awareness of opportunities and social interaction. Small business including blogs will take a hard hit by the Facebook changes.

If you would like to maintain freedom of thought, freedom of speech and social interaction, support business including your favorite brands and small business, you should share this problem with your family and friends and sign the petition to end the restrictions upon social interaction placed by Facebook.

You can locate this important petition here.

Ultimately, the Facebook restraints will lead to loss of business and economic prosperity.