Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Week of Memories and Continued Success

This has Been an expectantly busy whirlwind week in our family!

We have our first high school graduate!  Miss Z. graduated with honors! We are extremely proud of her! This is a wonderful and amazing accomplishment! She had the pleasure of graduating in a maroon cap and gown to symbolize all of her hard work! She will travel over the summer and attend College in the fall.

We also have a Kindergarten graduate! Mr. K. has worked very hard to overcome challenges and his disability to complete Kindergarten. It took two years,  special assistance at home and at school,  working evenings, vacations and more but my little guy did it! First Grade Here we come!

In addition, Miss. J is officially a senior. ( I can't believe how fast it has gone) She is only 16. She actually has the ability to graduate by fall if she were to choose. Miss. J. has decided to attend the senior year of high school to experience the traditions and make memories!

Our two homeschooling young ladies are working to complete their courses! Both will return to thr classroom.

Miss. A should be headed to High School as a freshman! Hello High School!

Miss. B will be attending a private school in the fall! She will be in the 8th grade!

Miss. S. will be continuing an exceptional program that will earn her probable college scholarships. She will be a junior this year!

I'm so proud of our wonderful " Brady Bunch" Blended Family!!!