Thursday, June 19, 2014

Rainbow Graduation Banner Tutorial

We Love to do arts and crafts projects in our home. I often craft with my Cricut machine for parties,school projects, fun and I even sell cute confetti/ table scatter!

I wanted to create a colorful Graduation banner to celebrate Miss.Z's High School Graduation!

I consider her school colors as a theme. However, I wanted less drab of a banner. Something that she may wish to keep and decorate her room with. At very least,  something fun and colorful!

I decided to go with a rainbow theme. I just love rainbows. All of the colors together!

Well, I must say that I love the beautiful projects that can be found on Pinterest,the wonderful Etsy, Instagram and so forth.However, when it's your first time making something, sometimes it's not Pinterest material! I will share how the banner was made. However,  keep in mind that I would recommend assembling the pieces together on the side or sew them together. I used a tag style and strung them with fishing wire adding ribbon for color. I weaved the line through the tag notch on the top if each piece. It allows too much play for the pieces in my opinion. There's a first for everything and this was my first banner!

I cut out the pieces of my banner with the Cricut and two cartridges: Basic George and Tie the Knot!

I cut out Tags in a 2 1/2 inch size. I cut Circles to place each letter. I cut each letter to fit the circle base. Unfortunately,  it's been a few weeks and I don't recall the exact measurements of the circles and letters. I planned my strategy in advance. I knew that I wanted rainbow colors. I chose to plan on the circles being placed in a pattern opposite of the tag. I wanted each similar letter placed in the same color of circle.

Tag pattern: Red,Orange,Yellow,Green,Blue and purple.

Circle Pattern: Purple,Blue,Green,Yellow,Orange and Red.

I chose the letter pattern in my preference.

Once the pieces were cut, I placed the tags in order on the floor.
Next, I glued the circle onto the tags with Tacky Glue.
Then, I glued on the letters.

Once the paper was dry, I tied a knot in the beginning of the fishing line. I weaved the clear fishing line through each tag. Be sure to add each tag in order. I began from the first letter of each pattern. I tied off the end of the fishing line. Choose the length of fishing line that you desire based upon the size that you want the banner to be.

I then hung my banner in the wall. I tied colorful ribbon to each end if the banner. I then tied in rainbow order additional ribbon to place between each tag to keep the letters spaced apart. I then clipped the ribbon to lengths that I liked. Second lesson: If I were to create a tag style banner again,  I'd pre-cut the ribbon to be the same length. I'm not perfect by any means but I enjoyed making the banner for the graduate!

I was happy with the result. I would have liked the banner to have been closer inbetween the letters. It was my first banner and a learning experience. I kept the banner up for a week. Then, I took down the second half of the banner with Miss.Z's name leaving the Congratulations to celebrate the end of the school year for the children! We enjoyed three weeks of a colorful rainbow banner!