Monday, October 6, 2014

Homecoming 2014

A few of my ladies had the opportunity to attend the Homecoming dance. I really enjoyed shopping for dresses. Miss A. Shopped with my sister and Miss.J . shopped with the Dad and myself. Both of the girls had ideas of several styles of dresses that they were interested in and were headed towards jewel tones especially purples,blues and pinks.I was surprised when Miss.A came home with an animal print black and white dress . After shopping for several hours, we accidentally stumbled upon a wonderful deal on a nice dress. Surprisingly, it was also black and white.

The day of the dance, the Dad made an early dinner as the girls planned to bring along a friend. We planned the pick up an hour before the dance. So, we thought it would be easier to have dinner at home. (Prom they can dine out on the town.)

I had a lot of fun behind the camera and I snapped pictures and the three young ladies giggled.