Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week Two Plan Recap

☆ I completed the order forms for Miss.J's Graduation including cap and gown and the class ring. Sent in the deposit for the orders.
☆Miss.J. and I sat down to discuss the next choice of college for her to apply to attend. It turns out that she completed the application that very morning! Yay, the girl is on top of it!

× I didn't complete the volunteer application.
× I worked an 11 hour shift the day prior to the community fundraiser. My family quietly left the house to handle the event responsibilities allowing me to sleep in until they woke me up at 8:34 a.m.
× TBA, the boy's teacher did not contact me for a conference. So, this will be rescheduled.

☆I remembered to purchase a Sunday newspaper. I really want to become more involved with couponing.
☆Purchased Snacks for the children.
☆I organized the pantry
☆I Cleaned the  refrigerator.

That's all. I was home very little this week . Did I mention that my job is supposed to be part time?  I would have to disagree. 10 and 11 hour days do not equal part time in my book.

☆I sent in the payment for Miss.J's school trip.
☆I sent in the payment for Graduation and class ring.
☆Ipaid the rent.
☆I called about 401K plans . Learned that pt no longer qualifies for the program.
☆Found out about purchasing a school gym uniform for Miss.A.

Personal :
☆Hair was trimmed.
☆Found my Bag.

☆Took in a pantry meal of soup.
Went to work

Work at Home:

☆Wrote a few blog post.

☆ Entered 20 giveaways and Sweepstakes.