Monday, October 6, 2014

Tiny House Dreaming

I'm dreaming of a Tiny House! I'm mesmerized by the Tiny House Movement and the financial freedom that can accompany the lifestyle. I recently had to drive to the Orlando area for a school function. I had heard of an rv park that accommodates a lady that owns and rents out her small home. I wanted to go and take a look at the home. Unfortunately, I just didn't have the time to go take a peek.

On the trip,  I passed a modular home and mobile home dealer. To my surprise, from the interstate,  I could see a Tiny House on display. When I reached my destination,  I got online and searched for the dealership. I learned that the homes are popular tiny houses referred to as Vacation Cottages.  I also found a location not too far from where I was traveling that both rented and sold tiny houses aka vacation cottages. I snuck over to catch a peek. Although the office of the vacation community could not  show the available home without an appointment,  I did get to look around and take a few pictures. The tiny houses were absolutely adorable!