Thursday, June 19, 2014

Frozen Birthday Banner

As you must be aware, Walt Disney's Frozen animated film has reached enormous popularity. In our home, Frozen is a hot ticket! Frozen the movie, soundtrack and even opera bellows are common. I wanted to add to the Frozen phenomena by creating a Frozen themed banner for Miss.J's Birthday! I am a strong believer in recycling, reusing, upcycling and so forth. Recycling matched with a zero balance in my craft budget has forced me to use only what was on hand. Usually, this wouldn't be an issue but when we moved cross-country I donated about 90% of my crafts supplies. When we moved recently for D's job, it made sense to reduce again. So, I'm operating on very little supplies. I searched through my beautiful Thirty One Gifts bag of partially used cardstock and supplies and found: Cardstock in a few shades of blue, white and ivory. I brought out two shades of blue paint, a small blue jingle bell left over from Christmas craft show crafting, a silver fabric bow, blue ribbon and frilly ribbon resembling sparkling icicles. I also pulled out a Frozen advertisement and blue cross-stitching floss with a large needle. I also decided to use my Cricut machine with two cartridges: Basic George and Tie the Knot! I also brought out two types of glue: Tacky glue and Elmer's blue glitter glue that I won from Elmer's on Twitter! ( Thank-you Elmer's Glue and Twitter!) So, I knew that I wanted to assemble the banner differently from Miss Z's graduation banner. I decided that I would use a hole punch to tie ribbon between the sides of each piece of the banner. Well, to my surprise, with our move the hole punch has not surfaced as well as my good scissors. Unfortunately, this meant that I'd need to use an old pair of shears and sew the banner. I definitely had a challenge ahead of me between lack of specific materials and tools. So, I decided to just eye the banner pieces. I cut my cardstock scraps as close as possible to a similar size. I glued the Happy Pieces to the frilly icicle ribbon and let dry. I decided on the pattern of colors and sewed the Birthday and then the name banner pieces together with floss. I cut the Frozen advertisement into various pieces and sizes based upon the pictures. I glued the scrap pictures onto the first and last banner pieces for each of the three banner segments. I painted a full sheet of white cardstock with a mixture of two shades of blue. I allowed the paint to dry. I cut out the banner letters by using scrap cardstock, the Frozen advertisement and eventually the painted sheet of paper. I glued the silver and blue ribbon scraps to the Happy banner pieces. I let the Happy banner dry. I used the Cricut machine to cut out the letters and snowflakes. I glued the letters to the banner pieces. Once dry and assembled, I added a few details including two old snowflake stickers that fell off of a holiday project, tied frilly icicle ribbon between some of the letters. On the name banner, I tied white tulle in bows to the beginning and end of the banner. I added a pastel turquoise ribbon to the beginning of the banner and finally sewed a blue jingle bell onto the end of the name banner. Earlier I added the silver bow to a banner piece as well. This recycled scrap banner took a lot of time to create due to the challenges that I faced. I think for having to use only leftovers plus one full sheet of cardstock that it turned out better than expected. However, it was not the image that I had planned on. Overall, I'm pleased with the Happy Birthday banner for my young lady! Happy Birthday!!!