Monday, June 30, 2014

I Forgot The Happy 4th Of July Banner

I am still playing around with my Cricut and Craft scraps. I gave away the majority of my craft supply when we moved. Unfortunately, I just love doing crafts projects. The lack of supplies and a zero craft balance really limits my creativity. However,  thankfully, I have my scraps!

So, I decided to throw together a 4th of July banner. It helps to decorate my office and can be seen as you enter the living room.White walls can be so boring and blah.

So, I worked with the resources that I have and created a little banner. I still have a lot of practice to go before my banners will meet my approval but in the meantime, it is fun and great for my soul to create!

I think this one could be better. It is definitely lacking something. Perhaps, it would have been better as one strand if a banner rather than three? It actually hung on the wall for two days before I realized that I actually forgot the Happy. How could I have forgotten the Happy?  What was I thinking ? Anyway,  I wish everyone a Happy and Safe 4th of July!