Thursday, June 19, 2014

Menu Planning Week June 15

I am enjoying planning our summer weekday meals! I have been researching new recipes and crock pot meal ideas.

Last week we had one Big dinner failure. We tried the recipe that I borrowed from Moneywise Moms. It was for crock pot ranch chicken tacos. The meal had a wonderful aroma. However,  I tweaked one small addition to the recipe.

See, I have been sampling the idea of creating fruit waters, also known as spa water or detox water. I made a few jars of strawberry and fresh basil water by adding the fruit and herbs to a recycled jar of water. I allowed the juices to mix together for a couple of days and drank them. I loved it. I especially enjoyed ho refreshing the flavored water was after the pool! So, after cutting up lime for a weekend meal, I added it to a jar of water. As it turns out, lime water is extremely bitter. Knowing that this crock pot taco meal was on the horizon,  I saved the jar or lime water to use as a stock for the tacos. Big mistake. It was still very bitter.  I cooked the chicken as otherwise suggested. The chicken not only had a spicy bite but a very bitter flavor from the lime. I guess I'll not use a lime stock again. Failure.

So, I'm basically creating the next menu or two from the pantry and freezer. I need to go grocery shopping soon. However,  I have some items that need to be cooked, some requested meals and a freezer meal that needs to be made. I'm only menu planning Monday thru Friday to fit around schedules. On the weekends, we have a variety of family members on the go. Some coming and some going. Weekend meals may have as little as four or as much as eight family members. If we have company,  the number increases. During the weekdays,  I know in advance the basic number of family members that will be present.

For the weel of June 15, 2014 - June 20, 2014:

Monday: Dad's Baked Spaghetti. Big Salad. The Spaghetti = Directly compliments of a freezer meal.

Tuesday: Baked Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Salad. ( Not exactly a Summer meal)

Wednesday: Lasagna with Salad. We are trying a Walmart Frozen Lasagna meal. We picked up a few items when we shopped for busy summer days. Items that can be taken from freezer to oven to the table.

Thursday: Miss. A. will make Chili. Upon her request. As she has been cooking as part of her homeschooling activities.

Friday: Polish Sausage. Steak French Fries.Carrots.
We will also enjoy a Homemade Cake for Miss. J. It will be her 17th Birthday!!!

I try to keep vegetables handy and incorporate them into daily meals. We found a place where we can purchase a giant bag of romaine lettuce for only $2.50 The bag equals approximately three store bought packages or slightly more. I try to have salad 1-2 meals daily. We top the salad with a variety of vegetables and toppings. Mr.K and I especially enjoy our quick handy salads. In fact, we discovered an interesting salad using peaches that will be a part of an upcoming meal!