Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Cool Homemade Treats

Summer days bring hot weather. Beat the heat with a fun no cook treat. Gather your littles to whip up a treat.

My children enjoy getting into the kitchen to give a hand. Let your children enjoy the time in the kitchen creating an Icecream treat!

When I went to the grocery store today,  I picked up a publication that the grocery store offers free to shoppers. Publix featured recipes for making your own ice pops including chocolate cream pop, watermelon layered pop, Kiwi Peach Pop, Bounty Berry Chunky pop, Orange Cream pop, and a coconut cream pop! The pops look fun, cooling and delicious! I definitely plan to try out some of these recipes. In the meantime, I'm going to play with what's in the pantry!

When I was a little girl, we had the plastic containers to freeze your own juice to make popsicles! I currently do not have any of these fun containers so we improvised!

We found a few muffin tins and homemade food picks/cupcake toppers that were leftover from a holiday crafts show. We whipped up both instant chocolate pudding and vanilla pudding.

I had two special helpers! Miss.S. and Mr.K. helped me with each step of the process.

We made the pudding, filled the muffin tins,inserted the food picks in the center of the pudding and then placed the pans in the freezer.

After dinner, we enjoyed the pudding pops while watching Big Brother!