Friday, September 19, 2014

An Alternative Lifestyle Tiny Home Style

While contemplating financial issues,  I stumbled upon an alternative lifestyle. It seems that there is a Tiny House Movement taking the nation by storm. The homes are charming,  small and an inventive alternative to committing to the long term mortgage.  A tiny house is a home that is extremely close to being a debt free home.

The homes can be purchased completely constructed,  as a kit or built by hand. The home scan be built with a regular permanent foundation or on a portable trailor bed. The most popular choice seems to be the later. The home can legally park in an RV park,  mobile home park or your own property. Naturally, I'd advise you to double check the laws, requirements and codes for the area that you may choose to live.

Tiny houses are categorized as recreational vehicles. They will require a vehicle registration. In addition,  the homes qualify for home owners insurance.

I've read articles,  blogs and stories about the building of Tiny Houses. I understand that they can be bought or built for a fraction of the cost of a traditional home. Many handmade homes average 10-12 thousand dollars. Tiny House enthusiasts rave about the freeing of stress, financial burden and the freedom associated with the lifestyle change.

The houses are really cute. I think this may be the answer to my hone ownership dilemma. I even stumbled upon a blog where the author actually shared a detailed budget of the home building journey. Simply amazing! The couple only spent $5,339.13 to build their home.  I must say that I am truly impressed!  You can read more about their experience at Tiny Revolution . It's a great resource for anyone thinking of building their own Tiny Home,

I read many accounts of families and couples making the move to financial freedom with the alternative lifestyle of the Tiny Houses Movement. I read about couples planning to retire in small houses. Families living happy productive lives.Twenty somethings utilizing small homes as starter homes . Communities building small houses for homeless individuals. A mayor in Oregon encouraging people to go small. People from all walks in life are downsizing their financial and material lives to upsize their quality of life.

Imagine the freedom of never having to pay a mortgage or rent . You can even temporarily reside in a small house to save or live rent free while building or saving to build your own larger home.

I think these are great homes for seniors as well. Simplify . Also there are countless reasons that this lifestyle is a green way to live. It is an excellent way to tred lightly on the earth. This is a beneficial way of life for the environment.

I love Tiny Houses! Now, to convince my family that this is a great idea for us. I would love to begin building a tiny house. I will update our plans and share them with you!