Thursday, September 18, 2014

Our Financial Conundrum

I've spent a great deal of time contemplating our financial issues. I've been reading budgeting books, financial books, magazines, websites and blogs . I've considered educational options, learning more about the stock markets and retirement planning . I've sorted out a plan to pay off debt and to save. When it comes right down to it,  I know the core of our financial issues.

We try to make money working, doing odd jobs, a few business ventures, doing virtual assistant and freelance writing work and even by selling my handmade crafts. I cut expenses everywhere possible.We only use major appliances such as laundry machines after peak hours. We monitor our electric usage and have set our air conditioner ( must in Florida) at the same temperature year around. We have done these steps to reduce usage but yet the electric bill is high.Summer power bills climb regardless of use in these parts.

I've been reading a lot of tips on family blogs. I'm trying to do my best to improve our lives. I have an overwhelming wish, desire, want to own a home.I long for the stability and comfort of owning a home. I realize that opens a whole new can of financial worms. However, I hatetthrowing away money.

Our current rent is approximately $1100 each month. That is truly ridiculous.
 Power bill is $250, Gas bill $120, Car payment $301, plus insurance(s),phones, groceries, Gas, school fees, medications, personal bills etc.. Not to mention the upcoming holidays and $860 needed for a school trip.Ouch.Help.

That's a large monthly round up as far as I'm concerned. At least if it was our own home it would be money going towards our future. As it is, it's just being thrown away. I had an opportunity to purchase a home with a loan and it was something that I truly wanted. The decision to not purchase the home is very complicated. It was an opportunity that I've regretted financially but for reasons that are too lengthy to get into, one that was necessary and probably for the best in other areas of my life and relationships. It was an extremely hard choice that has brought me pain, Worry and stress as well as strained relationships and possibly burnt bridges as well. Either decision had serious reprecautions. I'm still in debt approximately $700 with the failed home purchase. This is on the top of my debt repayment plan due to interpersonal relationships that I wish to resolve.

So, I've been trying to"Bloom Where I'm Planted" (Author unknown to me) I'm cutting corners and trying to find my way through the financial maze. It's a mess.We are working hard just to try to keep our heads above water.

So, where do we go from here? We would love the American Dream. A nice home and the like . Naturally, that would require a down payment,  loan/mortgage and payments forever. So, what to do?