Sunday, September 14, 2014

This Weeks Plan

  • I'm a constant list maker.I keep a notebook full of my to do items.They are arranged in list specific to particular events like school shopping, Home organization and so on. Now that I've returned to the official workforce, I've been inspired by the  Moms Plans Blog to make a weekly plan. I love to see what kinds of goals that others have. For this week my plans are to:


  • Apply for a school Program that my daughter Miss.A. would like to join. 
  • Pay Event $ for a meal for Miss.J during a school event. 
  • Send a Snack for event day for Miss.J.
  • Pack a Bag for Mr.K for swimming lessons this week
  • Assist Miss.J. with applying for college#2 as I believe it's important to start early. 
  • Complete Volunteer Application for Background Check 

  • Go to work, it's been a challenge this week with health issues.
  • Prepare Clothing in advance. 
  • Bring in a Coffee Cup & Cold Beverage Cup to keep in desk.
  • Remember to turn in Doctors Note
  • Pack a change of clothing
  • Get a locker

  • 5 Blog Post
  • Update Freelance Writing Profile

  • Organize my son's dresser . Since I began work things have gotten all mixed up.
  • Prepare and Lay out Son's School Clothes
  • Reorganize the laundry room
  • Reorganize the pantry
  • Begin a Menu/Grocery list for grocery shopping next week.
  • Vacuum bedroom
  • Wash blankets/Linens from the weekend. 


  • Pay Monthly Rent
  • $5 for Miss.J. plus snack $
  • Plan debt repayment for a particular loan
  • Write checks for a loan payment and daughter's end of the month payment for school trip. Both to be paid at the end of the month. Address, Stamp and label envelopes. 
  • Update family calendar with new monthly bills and due dates.
  • Call the financial service through work to create an online account to begin 401K Plan with the company and stock purchase options.

  • Make a dinner reservation for Miss.J for Graduation. It may be too early but it's worth a try.


  • Complete my first mug rug.handsewn as I don't use a sewing machine at this time. I sure hope it turns out cute.
  • Enter 50 Sweepstakes/Giveaways
Of course regular housework, errands, laundry and mom taxi services will be completed yetnit on an aactual planned list . hopefully I'll get the extras complete and have time for some hobbies too.

So, there is my first planned weekly goal. I'm not sure if this list us weak or overdoing it. I'mlleaning towards weak . However,  with the past weeks health issues plus a full time work schedule it's hard to estimate. So we will see. What are you doing this week?

Thank you to the blog Moms Plans dot com for the inspiration!